About Rob

Rob Nelson is passionate about helping people really transform their lives—making real shifts toward health, success and happiness.  Rob earned his masters degree in counseling psychology in 1983.

From a very young age, Rob has been an empath, gifted with strong intuition and non-judgmental compassion.  He is able to bring clarity and humor to the darkest issues.

In 2007 Rob was introduced to EFT and began transforming his own inner life.  In March 2008 he opened an EFT practice in Santa Rosa, California.  Rob was certified by Gary Craig in 2009 and became a certified trainer for EFT Universe in 2010.

In early 2011 Rob encountered Matrix Reimprinting, an advanced way of using EFT, and fell head over heels in love!  He soon became a certified practitioner and after using it with hundreds of clients, became an official trainer for the technique in February 2012.  His enthusiasm for sharing MR is contagious!

Over the past 30 years Rob has helped many clients, from working the “graveyard shift” for a suicide prevention hotline, caring for abused children at the county shelter home, volunteering with combat vets, weight loss clients, divorce and breakup recovery, phobias, and a host of success related blocks.

Rob is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and is not a licensed therapist or health care provider. Rob is currently balancing his private work with clients with a demanding teaching schedule. He's taught around the US, and in Canada, Thailand and the Philippines.

Rob is also the director of the Northern California EFT Tappers Gathering, a non-profit event that brings together speakers and tappers from around the region. The Gathering meets each year in August and has raised many thousands of dollars for the Peaceful Heart Network, providing tapping relief work in Africa.

Useful Links and Resources

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