Welcome to the Academy Clinic

Providing low-cost EFT sessions with our excellent CLINICstudent practitioners

Looking for some EFT help with your issues at very affordable rates? Our on-line clinic offers low-cost Skype and phone sessions with highly qualified student practitioners.

All Clinic practitioners have qualified for our EFT certification program and have completed EFT Level 1 and 2 trainings

Single sessions only $35!
Or save even more: Package of Three Sessions for just $90.

How it works: Once you purchase a session or package of sessions you'll be assigned a practitioner who will contact you via email, sending you an intake form and offering possible appointment times.

Simply fill out the form and email it back and find a time that works.

Please note: All sessions are via Skype or phone.

Because our clinic is very popular there may not be a practitioner immediately available in which case you'll be put on the waiting list and notified. If you don't want to be waitlisted you have the option to cancel and receive a full refund.

Our three session packages are with the same practitioner only. Once you've received your low-cost session or sessions, you may wish to continue with your practitioner at their regular rate, or you are welcome to sign up for another session or package of sessions with a new practitioner.

To Book a Session
Please read and agree to the following disclaimer:

I understand that my assigned student practitioner is not a licensed health care provider, therapist, or psychotherapist and acts only as a self-help educator.  My student practitioner does not diagnose or treat illness, disease, or psychological problems.  I understand that EFT is considered an experimental procedure and not a substitute for medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment or medications, and that it is recommended that I work with my primary caregiver for any condition I may have.
I understand that EFT procedures may bring unresolved and distressing memories and related emotions and physical sensations into my awareness, and it is possible that disturbing material may continue to surface after a session which may require further work at my own expense.
I agree to take full responsibility for my own comfort, health and well-being and release the Academy Clinicmy and my student practitioner from any liability or claims resulting from these sessions.
The Academy Clinic and student practitioners reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason in which case a prompt refund will be issued.
I Agree

Clicking "I Agree" will take you to page where you can book a session.