Frequently Asked Questions


I've signed up for a certification package. How do I register for my workshops?
Once you've paid for your certification package you should be directed to a "congratulations" page with instructions, but just send us an email listing the workshops you want to take. Please register as soon as possible, to reserve a spot.

Can I get credit for other workshops I’ve already taken from other trainers? 
No.  Sorry about that.  Our certification means that our students have been personally trained and mentored by Rob Nelson, so you'll have to take Level 1 & 2 again.
However, if you've taken EFT Level 1 and/or Level 2 through EFT Universe we are currently offering a half-off discount for the workshops.

I’m traveling to Santa Rosa from out of the area.  Where should I stay?
We have a list of nearby neighbors with guest rooms willing to take in our students. The cost is anywhere from $35 to $60. We also highly recommend for interesting and inexpensive options.  They often have places within easy walking distance of our office!  Otherwise you’ll want to Google Santa Rosa hotels.  Our office is at 850 Third Street, in downtown Santa Rosa.

What are the requirements to take the Matrix Reimprinting training? You need to have a strong background in EFT equivalent to the EFT Level 1 & 2 workshops. Simply going through Gary's tutorial, or watching some YouTube videos isn't enough.
If you've never taken the workshops, but have been doing EFT with clients for years, then you are probably good to attend. If in doubt, contact Rob.
Because Matrix is so exciting, some folks want to skip EFT and just learn Matrix Reimprinting. This is a big mistake. Matrix does NOT replace EFT - it only adds to it. And Matrix actually requires solid EFT skills to make it work.

Does the "Whole Enchilada" include certification in Matrix
Reimprinting ?

No, the Whole Enchilada covers EFT certification through our Academy long with the Matrix Reimprinting workshop. Matrix certification is through Karl Dawson in the UK. The Matrix workshop is the major component of Karl's certification. For more information on Matrix certification please click here.

Do Academy workshops count toward EFT Universe certification? 
No.  Rob is no longer affiliated with EFT Universe. Tapping the Matrix Academy workshops follow a different curriculum.

Why is your program so much cheaper?
Our program is streamlined to cut out unnecessary, confusing, and often costly extra requirements we see in some other programs.  Our mission is to train as many awesome practitioners as possible, not to gouge anyone.

What is the Academy Clinic? 
The clinic is a way to connect students with "real" clients (who aren't family, friends or swap partners) as a way of getting required sessions more quickly, and also building the confidence to hang out your shingle and work with the public. The clinic provides low-cost sessions and the money from those sessions goes back into the Academy, earmarked for web development. There is no cost to participate, and also no requirement to - if you already have a stream of real clients you might not want to.

How long will it take to be certified?
Good question!  It mostly depends on how quickly you can provide the required 50 sessions (ten sessions a week = five weeks) and log the 15 sessions of personal work (you can do more than one a week).  We expect most of our students will complete the requirements between 6 and 12 months.

Can I charge my practice clients before I am certified?
Yes you can.  What you charge is up to you.  We require that you have your clients sign an informed consent form and we strongly recommend signing up for liability insurance when you begin seeing clients.

Do I have to pay for my 15 sessions of personal work?
No you don’t.  One of the really awesome benefits of our program is you’ll be associating with other brilliant student practitioners.  All of your 15 sessions can be done as swaps, though we strongly recommend doing at least three of them with a pro.

Will you teach us how to build a private practice?
Yes.  This is covered somewhat in Level 2.  A full 2 day workshop on Building a Thriving Practice is now on offer.  Our feeling is that it doesn’t matter how great a practitioner you are if you don’t have any clients!  We want you to be very successful.

I see you offer intensive 6 day trainings.  What are the pros and cons?
6 days straight means an intense immersion into the material.  Powerful relationships form, personal transformations are almost guaranteed, and the ongoing focus helps the material really sink in.
And of course, if you have to travel to take the workshops, it's much more economical to do them all at once - the rest of the certification requirements can be done via Skye and email.
On the other hand, there is a real advantage to spacing out the workshops with ample time for practice in between.  This is why we usually have at least two weeks between a L1 and L2.  Of course, because you are able to repeat any workshop for only $100 (space permitting) you could have your cake and eat it too—by doing the six day immersion, practicing for a few months, and then taking L1 or L2 again!