Benefits of Certification

Let’s be very clear on one thing:  You don’t need to be certified to be an EFT practitioner.  In fact, you can be a very good EFT practitioner without being certified. 

So why go to the trouble and expense?yes

Certification demonstrates your personal commitment to being a professional EFT practitioner.  It proves your willingness to invest in your own development, enhancing your credibility and respect. 

Potential clients are likely more confident in choosing you out of a growing field of practitioners, and rightly so.  Certification is a recognized accomplishment. You've met or exceeded the standards, and that may well translate into greater earning potential.

Beyond the beautiful diploma you’ll be framing for your office wall, certification means trainings, practice hours, consultation, study and exams—and the well-earned confidence that will make you magnetic to clients.

jeanette loganOne more benefit is worth considering—today you don’t need to be certified to be an EFT practitioner, but that may change.  EFT is part of a rapidly growing revolution in health care.  Like it or not, the growing awareness we are enjoying may bring increasing scrutiny as well.  Radical improvements and advancements in any field are not always met with enthusiasm.

Self-regulation in our profession, through adherence to generally recognized principles and standards, helps all of us, and certification may offer a certain degree of credibility and protection from attempts at external regulation, or even elimination of our field.

Happily, most EFT certification programs today provide similar requirements for training, practice hours, mentoring and ethical standards.  Tapping the Matrix Academy offers you state of the art certification you will be proud of at a very reasonable cost.

We are dedicated to helping qualified practitioners establish successful practices.  EFT is more than a business, more than a career.  It’s about making the world a safer, healthier place for everyone.  That’s what certification means to us.

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