EFT Certification Costs

Once you've taken EFT Levels 1 & 2 with Rob, our Certification Package is just $800. We've made our program as financially accessible as possible to help as many practitioners as possible become certified. 

What's Included:

Certification contract

6 hours of consultation:  (3 group and 3 private)

Review of your client sessions log

Opportunity to work in the EFT Clinic

Ethics exam

Review of your personal sessions log

1 - 3 supervised Skype sessions 

Online final exam

A beautiful Diploma

2 years free listing on our certified practitioners directory

How to Proceed

Fill out the application/contract and email it back
You can download the application here, and the contract here.

Schedule a chat with Rob 
If you didn't have a chance during the workshops to talk about certification and get all of your questions answered, it's a good idea to schedule a phone or Skype chat with Rob.

Begin logging client sessions and your personal growth sessions
Click here to download the Sessions Log form. Please fill this out in Word, rather than printing it out! The form will expand as you type, and you can easily email it to Rob when you're done. And please download this example form to see how to best fill it out.
And here is the form for your personal growth sessions - you can do all of these by swap if you want to, though it is recommended to work with a professional for at least 3 of the 15 required.

Requirements for your 50 sessions:
All sessions must be an hour or longer
Must include a minimum of 30 different clients
At least 15 sessions must be with "real" clients (not friends, family or swap)
No group sessions allowed
An informed consent form must be offered and signed by all clients
You may charge for sessions or not, as you see fit

Sign up to be an Academy Clinic provider
If you'd like to accelerate your progress and work with "real" clients (not just friends, family and swap partners), consider signing up for the Clinic. You'll need to have taken the first Matrix Reimprinting workshop and carry liability insurance to be eligible. Though providers aren't paid for the initial sessions, but Clinic clients often continue with their provider and you're welcome to negotiate any rate you like.
Contact Rob to sign up.

Pay for your Certification Package here:

The EFT Certification Package

PayPal now offers up 6 month financing with “No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 months” Please use any credit responsibly!