EFT Curriculum

Level One EFT is extremely valuable—whether you’ve been tapping for years or are just getting started.  We go deep into the fundamentals but also cover the most up-to-date scientific understandings.  Some of the topics covered:

           What is EFT and what makes it so effective?
            The Basic Recipe and the 9 Gamut Procedure
            Knowing what to say
            Being Specific and staying with the negative
            Secondary Gain
            Understanding Emotional Trauma
            The Tell a Story Technique
            Cravings and Addictions
            Protocols for Physical Issues
            What to do when EFT isn’t working
            The Personal Peace Procedure

Level Two EFT goes even deeper into effective practitioner skills and ways of developing a thriving practice:

            Techniques for Severe Distress and Overwhelm
            EFT for Limiting Beliefs
            Finding Core Beliefs and Core Issues
            Phone & Skype Sessions
            Delivering EFT in Groups
            Working with Children
            Surrogate Tapping
            EFT for Relationships
            Affirmations—using EFT to make them work
            How to Build a Thriving Practice

Matrix Curriculum

Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Training
This is a breakthrough technique that takes EFT to a whole new level when working with traumatic memories. With Matrix we're able to find and reverse negative core beliefs so easily! We go beyond discharging negative emotions, actually re-writing traumatic memories.

To qualify for this workshop you must have EFT training (though you don't need to be certified). This workshop is designed for practitioners more than for self-improvement only.

If you’d like to take your EFT practice to a new level, join me for this exciting 2 day training and learn how to:

           Quickly find and change core beliefs
            Locate pre-conscious trauma all the way back to the womb
           Help dissociated clients with no SUD level
            Work with epigenetics to help heal the body
            Fully resolve traumatic memories--even more gently then with EFT
            Provide generational healing
            Work with past lives and future selves
            Resolve birth and pre-natal traumas
           Harness the Law of Attraction in a powerful new way

Matrix Reimprinting for Specific Issues
Delving deep specific issues and deepening your skill set and confidence level, this workshop qualifies you as a certified practitoner. Content includes:
            Sexual Trauma
            Allergies and Auto Immune Disease
            Blocks to Success/Self-Sabotage
            Grief and Loss
            Pain and Illness
            Matrix Resolution

Watch the video below for more information: