Emotional Freedom Techniques


EFT (emotional freedom techniques) is a breakthrough healing tool that uses tapping with one's fingers on a series of specific acupuncture points. By directly addressing the body's energy system this way, very rapid emotional healing can take place.

The results we achieve using EFT seem almost unbelievable, or miraculous, from the standpoint of traditional “talk” therapy. What might have taken years of work, can be accomplished in just a few sessions.

EFT has also proved effective for certain issues that have had no effective conventional treatment, problems such as PTSD, severe phobias, and even chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia.

One motto of EFT is “often works where nothing else has”. Another is “try it on everything”. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, has made a beautiful introductory video I'd like to share with you here. It includes an inspiring story of one man's recovery from crippling back pain and Multiple Sclerosis.


How Does EFT Work?

In the video below, I go into one theory of how EFT works so quickly.  Essentially we’re communicating directly with the amygdala, the part of the brain that decides whether something is a threat and when to mobilize fight or flight. 

Tapping sends a message to the amygdala that all is well, it’s safe to relax.  This has the effect of disengaging whatever we’re tapping on from the body’s stress response.  This can have immediate results, emotionally and even physically.

How does this happen? We naturally think of memories as belonging to the past, but actually they can only be remembered and re-experienced in the present moment. For the subconscious mind they are current events! So really we are accessing them in real time, along with whatever emotional distress was originally associated with them.

If you think of the brain as part of the body's energy system, the acupuncture points we use give us a very strong connection. Tapping on these points literally smooths out stored energetic disruptions and the emotional content simply drains away. This “smoothing out” seems to be permanent. Once accomplished, the negative emotions do not return.

EFT does not depend on the placebo effect. There is no need to “believe” it will work. My most skeptical clients enjoy the same excellent results. It also makes no real difference how “intense” the distress has been, or how long someone has had the problem.

For a compendium of research articles and videos on the efficacy of EFT click here.
And please be aware that Wikipedia is NOT an unbiased source of information on EFT or any other healing modality that serves as an "alternative" to the pharmaceutical industry.

Benefits of EFT

EFT is a relatively painless process (I've had the same box of tissue for the past five months!). “Flooding” or re-living traumatic memories is totally unnecessary to decrease their intensity and release their hold on your life. This is a VERY important benefit for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or any sort of debilitating trauma.

Another great feature of EFT involves the elimination of self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs. Experiencing traumatic events, especially as children, we often come to decisions about life that have negative and problematic consequences. I specialize in Matrix Reimprinting which is an advanced way of using EFT to identify and change these core beliefs. This is where the most life changing results are found.

One benefit of working with a practitioner is that you will learn how to do EFT correctly on your own. It becomes a powerful self-help tool to use “on the spot” when problems arise. This also empowers you to help friends and family if you wish. Whatever your budget, I have some great practitioner resources for you on this page.

You can also learn EFT for free. The founder of EFT, Gary Craig originally gave away his how-to manual as a free download, as a gift to the world. He's now upgraded this to a free online tutorial. Highly recommended!

If you'd like to get started right now, here's my how to video for basic EFT:


If you really want to master EFT though, the best way is through live workshops where you'll see expert demonstrations, experience supervised practice sessions and have your questions answered directly.

Through my training Academy I offer several levels of EFT training, along with the advanced EFT technique Matrix Reimprinting. Here's a link to my program.

Another resource for live workshops is Stefan Gonick's: EFT Training, Workshop and Teleclass Directory

To explore how EFT might address your own personal issues, call me to set up a free phone consultation. And click here to view or download my tapping points chart in pdf format.

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