Saturday October 15, 2016
at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa

For EVERYONE interested in EFT Tapping:
Practitioners, Non-Practitioners and Beginners alike.

Learn from experienced and passionate EFT experts

Deepen your skills and understanding

Share your enthusiasm for EFT with like-minded people

Network and connect with others (bring business cards & brochures)

Help forge a strong, supportive EFT community here in Northern California


This all day event features top practitioners sharing wisdom and expert knowledge in their various specialties.  Learn new techniques and share your own healing stories, challenges and successes. 
Held at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa. 

Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Tapping?

Our 2016 Presenters

Brad Yates

Thriving is our true nature… but resistance gets in the way.  Fortunately, this is a tappable issue.  Whether you are looking to thrive as a tapping practitioner or in any other area of your life, we’ll look at what might be going on to slow you down, and tap that out.  As you allow yourself to know at a deep level that thriving is your birthright - that it really is okay to thrive – you are naturally more open to finding what you need and doing what it takes.

Brad Yates is known internationally for his creative and often humorous use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Brad is the author of the best-selling children's book "The Wizard's Wish," the co-author of the best-seller "Freedom at Your Fingertips," and a featured expert in the film “The Tapping Solution,” He has also been a presenter at a number of events, including Jack Canfield'sBreakthrough to Success, has done teleseminars with “The Secret” stars Bob Doyle and Dr. Joe Vitale, and has been heard internationally on a number of internet radio talk shows.  Brad also has well over 650 videos on YouTube, that have been viewed over 13 million times, and is a contributing expert on the Huffington Post.  More info is available at


Gunilla Hamne
Resolving Yesterday
First Aid for stress and trauma. Learn simple but incredibly effective tools you can use everday and easily share with loved ones and hear inspiring stories from the frontiers of healing major trauma in war-torn Africa and beyond.

Gunilla Hamne is a Swedish Energy Psychology therapist specializing in trauma, conflict and post-conflict areas in Africa.  After completing training in Thought Field Therapy – the precursor to EFT – in 2006 she began trauma work in Rwanda and Burundi to empower survivors of war and genocide.  Gunilla founded the Peaceful Heart Network, along with Albert Ntabwoba and Ulf Sandström, and developed TTT (trauma tapping technique) a simplified method now being used in Rwanda, DRC, Sierra Leone and with Syrian refugees in Europe. 
Gunilla will be joining us by live-stream from Sweden.
Contact Gunilla at:


John Freedom
Healing our Parts: Enhancing EFT with Parts Work
We all have ‘parts’ ---  dis-connected and dis-integrated aspects of ourselves that can cause conflict, ‘resistance,’  symptoms and dis-ease.  These parts can sabotage our efforts, block us from experiencing success and happiness, and prevent us from being All we know we can be --- and are.  In this experiential session you will learn to recognize many different kinds of ‘parts;’ understand the dynamics of inner conflict; transform conflict and resistance into powerful allies and resources; and use EFT tapping to heal and integrate your parts, to experience greater health, happiness and inner Wholeness.

John Freedom, CEHP, is a counselor, educator and trainer in private practice in Santa Rosa, California.   The author of Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique, he serves as research coordinator for ACEP, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.  He holds certifications in EFT, NLP, EMDR and auricular acupuncture, and specializes in helping people experience greater success, happiness and high-level wellness.  A former radio talk-show host and magazine editor, he leads seminars and trainings throughout the US and in Europe.   For more information, see and



Lorna Minewiser
The Science Behind Tapping
How does tapping actually work?  And how might it transform your brain and your life?  Join master trainer Lorna Minewiser for this fascinating exploration of current brain-based research illustrated with stories of real-life transformations - and experience your own changes as we tap along together.

Lorna Minewiser, PhD, CEHP, EFT Master Trainer and retired counselor has been on a quest to know how and why tapping works.  In 1991 she experienced a “one minute wonder” and lost her 40 year -long fear of heights after one round of The Phobia Cure.  She studied consciousness and mind body healing in her PhD program, while also learning and using TFT and EFT.  She has been an active member of the ACEP research committee and served as a research coach for the Veteran Stress Project.  She is also certified in Matrix Reimprinting, The Healing Codes, The Emotion Code, and is learning TTT and Positive EFT as she continues her quest to learn what works.  She resides in the Sacramento area, but with Zoom and the phone her clients and students are all over the world.



Rob Nelson
Prosperity Now! - Hacking Our Money Beliefs with EFT
Would you like to have more money? If the answer to that question is a definite YES, then the next question is "Why don't you?" Master trainer Rob Nelson will help you explore and transform the hidden beliefs that define and limit what's possible for you and send you home with the Field Clearing Technique - a 21 day exercise to bring more money into your life.

Rob Nelson is Director of Tapping the Matrix Academy, an artisan program for EFT training and certification.  Rob holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology (1983) and became an EFT practitioner in March 2008.  Rob is certified by Gary Craig, the AAMET (level 3), EFT Universe (expert level) and Matrix Reimprinting. Rob is one of only 3 US trainers for Matrix Reimprinting.  Rob offers private sessions by Skype or in his Santa Rosa office, specializing in anxiety, sexual trauma, divorce recovery and weight loss.


Join us for this fantastic day of networking and learning!

$87 Pre-pay
Bring a Friend Rate: $160 for 2 attendees
$90 at the door - cash or check only!

Saturday October 15, 2016

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The Gathering is a Non-Profit Event!
All of our presenters and the promoter are volunteering their time.
All net proceeds will go to fund the Peaceful Heart Network, providing trauma relief in the Congo and Sierra Leone for helping child soldiers and other victims of war, genocide and natural catastrophes.

For more information contact Rob Nelson 707-280-8134

The Flamingo Hotel

Our venue this year is the Garden Room at the beautiful Flamingo Resort Hotel at
2777 4th St, Santa Rosa
. Plenty of free parking. Bring a bag lunch or check out their Terrace Grille Restaurant
Click here for directions or more information.