Matrix Reimprinting Certification

Matrix Reimprinting is a powerful way of using EFT.  It’s the ultimate “Level 3” training for all practitioners.  Certification is through Matrix founder Karl Dawson in the UK and our Matrix workshops satisfy the key requirement.

There are now two paths to becoming a certified practitionerblank

Path One:
Take the Matrix Reimprinting practitioner workshop
Take the Matrix for Specific Issues workshop
Pass an online multiple choice test
Carry liability insurance
That's it! You'll be eligible to register and post your practitioner listing on .

Path Two:
Complete the Matrix Reimprinting practitioner workshop
Register on the website
Watch 11 hours of training videos
Take the online exam
Carry liability insurance
Once you've passed the exam you'll be eligible to post your practitioner listing on the site.

Rob Nelson is one of only 3 Matrix Reimprinting Trainers in the United States. 
His workshops attract students from across the US and internationally and provide 13 hours of CEUs through the California BBS.

Prerequisites.  You must have training in EFT to take the Matrix workshop, ideally up to Level 2 standards, however certification in EFT is not required.  If you're not sure whether your EFT background is sufficient, contact Rob.

Of course our Academy EFT workshops are specifically designed to provide the ideal foundation for Matrix training. 

Costs.  Workshops are $395 or $365 with early registration. This is the set price for all US trainings (and just to let you know, quite a bit less than European or UK trainings). 
Registration on costs £99 (or about $150 US) and along with giving you access to the training videos, covers your first year of being listed on the Matrix practitioner directory.  For Path Two, the cost for the online exam is $15. 

Insurance.  If you don’t already have liability insurance, Energy Medicine Profession Insurance may be a good choice. It runs around $250 a year.

"Matrix is the most profound energy healing I do. People love hypnotherapy but it is Matrix that really gets to them and starts the big changes. My thanks to you for showing me this incredible technique"

Should you become certified in Matrix Reimprinting?….watch this video: