EFT Weight Loss Workshops

Are You Ready To Try Something New?


Find Out How To Get Off the Dieting Rollercoaster

Find Out How To Stop Sabotaging Yourself

& How To Get Your Powerful Subconscious Mind Working WITH You...

Learn how to:

  • Eliminate cravings*

  • Disengage your appetite from your emotions

  • Stop struggling by changing your "comfort zones"

  • Neutralize self-sabotaging programs running in your subconscious

  • Replace frustration, shame, self-loathing, and compulsive behavior with love and acceptance

With EFT, it's easier than you ever dreamed possible!

If you've never experienced EFT, it's hard to believe how fast and effective it can be. Unlike diet and exercise programs that require will-power and endless struggle, this workshop is about radically changing your subconscious programming and eliminating the anxiety that drives over-eating.

And it's amazingly easy to learn this powerful tool.

EFT Tapping Expert Rob Nelson guides you right to the core of your weight issues, and shows you how to take the sting out of old memories and clear away emotional obstacles to feeling deliciously comfortable in your own skin.


“Rob, I have hesitated writing each day simply because I keep thinking that I am going to have a setback but once again I am AMAZED at the unbelievable results I am seeing. Doubts keep creeping back into my head and I keep thinking Ok my appetite is going to return, there is no way that the tapping worked that good, but so far, it hasn't! 

cakeThe hunger and constant obsessive thoughts about food are GONE!!! I can't tell you how happy I feel :) I am hardly hungry and had to even remind myself to eat yesterday at dinnertime. There has been no getting up late night to snack and even when my boyfriend is eating, I have no desire anymore to reach over and take something off his plate!

It may totally be my perspective now but I see a difference in my physical body in certain places and I am happy with what I see :)) I think the phrase---"deliciously comfortable in my ownskin" was KEY... I feel a whole lot more accepting of me and much better about my body image. There is definitely a feeling inside my head that is different.... that’s the best way I can describe it.”     —Cathy

tapping points

"Rob, I am so stunned by the change in my eating habits this past week.  I haven't eaten one thing I shouldn't.  This is utterly amazing.  I keep telling myself it's something else that's causing me not to eat but nothing else has occurred this past week to cause this change in me other than tapping, so I'm going to have to reconcile myself to the fact it works. "     --Lorraine

If this sounds too good to be true... it isn't.
Tapping doesn't make all of your problems just disappear. It isn't magic. But it is a very powerful tool you can use to change your life.

To experience one of Rob's profound healing workshops
simply put together a group of 8 or more if you live in the San Francisco or North Bay Area.
For travel outside Northern California, a group of 12 to 15 will work.
Workshops are 9 to 5 with a break for lunch.
Benefits include:

    • Learn tapping from an expert
    • Get your subconscious mind working WITH you
    • Bring foods that you crave and watch those cravings disappear
    • Install healthy new patterns
    • Slip into new "comfort zones"
    • Shut down your self-sabotage
Meet Your Presenter

rob nelson Rob Nelson, MS is a Certified EFT Trainer and Practitioner and works with clients in his Santa Rosa office and worldwide by Skype. Rob holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of Oregon and certification in the Matrix Reimprinting technique.
Rob specializes in teaching EFT and has taught hundreds of students. His workshops are fast paced, experiential, gentle and always funny. Rob has several weight loss articles published and has helped many clients eliminate the stress and anxiety that caused their overeating.


Is this workshop for me?
If you want to lose the struggle around weight, food and eating, then yes. Whether you need to lose weight or not, this workshop will help you feel more relaxed and peaceful around food issues.
You should be somewhat willing to explore subconscious beliefs, vows, and comfort zones that keep you stuck.

What can I really expect to get out of this workshop?
This is a very different approach, where losing weight is a natural by-product of feeling more relaxed and peaceful, more loving toward yourself, less anxious, really comfortable in your own skin, and free from the influence of past memories. This workshop is designed to jump-start progress toward these goals, and give you the skills to keep going.

For about the cost of a nice dinner out or a good massage, you can totally change your life for the better. Invest in your own happiness and health! You'll never regret it!

The cost for the workshop is $150 for the full day

Participants are asked to bring one or more food items that you strongly crave--chocolate, bagels, chips, pizza, cheese, ice cream.... Find out how easy it is to eliminate that craving!

Please call or write Rob with any questions regarding participation or enrollment. EFT works by quickly clearing anxiety and emotional distress that contributes to over-eating. If you suffer from PTSD, severe depression, or other intense emotional problems, please talk with Rob before enrolling to see if this workshop is appropriate for you.

Rob Nelson 707-280-8134

Please Note: Rob Nelson is not a licensed health care provider or psychotherapist and offers his services as an EFT Practitioner and self help educator only. Rob does not diagnose or treat illness, disease, or psychological problems. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are not a substitute for professional health care. Information provided in this workshop is for general education and not intended to replace qualified medical or psychological advice.