Why Choose Us?

Here are some of the key reasons for choosing Tapping the Matrix Academy for your EFT certification:

Rob Nelson:  Rob is our EFT and Matrix Reimprinting trainer and the number one reason to choose our program.  He has a talent for explaining even the most difficult concepts clearly and backs them up with real world examples, drawn from his thriving private practice. 

Getting to watch Rob at work in his live demonstrations is astonishing and inspiring.  This alone will enhance your practice dramatically. He is also very funny and would probably be doing stand-up comedy were it not for his passion and dedication to EFT and Matrix.

Here are some reviews from recent workshops:

"Rob is by far one of the best instructors I've encountered. Very knowledgeable, open and professional, his training gave me a rock solid foundation"

"The workshop was both informative and inspirational. Rob has a great teaching style and his commitment to EFT really shines through!"

"Rob has a deeply embodied knowledge of this work and is a very skillful and empathic healer. His humor and deep presence dissolved my fear in an instant"

Cost:  In setting up our program we made a deliberate choice to make it affordable.  We’d like to see a LOT more practitioners out there.  And we’d like to see a LOT more licensed therapists and social workers adopting EFT and Matrix (which is why we don’t charge for CEUs). 
We realize that not everyone has $2400 (or $8000!) to spend on certification.  Our mission is to make quality training and certification accessible.  Our certification can cost as little as $1400.

Ease:  Many programs have a dismaying hodgepodge of complex requirements--like that old saying "a camel is just a horse designed by a commitee". We’ve streamlined ours as much as possible.  All of our requirements are clear and make sense (we hope) and can be met within 3 to 6 months.

Community:  For many of our students, wonderful relationships are formed during the workshops and subsequent practice swap sessions and practice days.  We hope to foster a network of supportive friendships and community through our program. 

The Academy Clinic: Our clinic offers low-cost sessions to the public and offers you a chance to work with "real" clients while getting your sessions logged. There is no extra cost to participate.

Opportunity for Advancement:  While other certification programs usually offer some sort of advanced certification, we believe Matrix Reimprinting is the real “Level 3”. With that program is already in place, we’ve chosen to focus on providing specialty workshops to enhance your practice and improve your marketability. Our newest offering is a two day workshop: Building a Thriving Practice.

Directory Assistance:  Our practitioner directory for graduates will help bring you clients and increase your visibility on the web.  

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